Sustainable Design

Honoring Our Commitment

Our world has evolved into one of unlimited needs and aspirations, yet one with increasingly limited and threatened resources. We are on a journey of continuous improvement leveraging our integrated culture to bring greater value to our clients and help solve some of society’s greatest resource challenges.

We focus on sustainable design because it matters. It matters to the greater good of improving our environment for generations to come and it matters to the clients with whom we partner. We offer specialized sustainability services that deliver enduring value by creating durable high-performance buildings, reducing cost, and optimizing resource consumption.

We stand committed to sustainability, collaborating with the AIA, DOE and EPA, continuing our leadership role with The AIA 2030 Commitment. Every year, we host Environmental Awareness Week to immerse our staff, clients and the building industry in a week-long conversation about sustainable ideas that have a meaningful impact on our daily lives.

Together, we are improving the culture of sustainability, leading by example and helping in the journey to create a better world.

Environmental Awareness Week

About Environmental Awareness Week

Environmental Awareness Week (EAW) is CannonDesign’s annual celebration of smart ideas, innovative technologies and iconoclastic thinkers that help guide our progress toward becoming a regenerative practice. CannonDesign invites you to join us in our offices to learn with us and be inspired by our keynote speakers.

Learn more about EAW 2015 here

Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.