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It’s usually quite easy to identify what an organization does—it’s not always as easy to identify how an organization creates value. We have pressed ourselves to truly identify, define, and articulate the core value and benefits we bring to our clients’ worlds. What we discovered through the process is that regardless of industry or discipline, there are seven value drivers we can influence through the power of design. The below list identifies these drivers and offers quick looks at the value we bring.


Our clients need to remain strong and active in their industries, and in many cases, continually transform their organizations to remain relevant. Competitors are coming out of the woodwork and innovation is the gateway to success in almost every industry.

The value we bring:

Over the years, we’ve aligned our company with our clients’ challenges, expanding our knowledge base to provide the types of services and intellect that can solve the fascinating problems they face. We balance analytical thinking with creative brainpower to generate ideas that break away from historic precedent and support true innovation. Most importantly, we take the time to understand our clients’ businesses at every level and from every angle to deliver powerful and responsive solutions that enhance their performance.

Proven Integrated Design Solutions

The organizations we work with are complex. Our clients are seeking solutions that break down silos, bridge the gap between disparate systems, and consider all the elements that contribute to their challenges. Very few are looking for stand-alone solutions that work independently of the larger enterprise. Further, organizations are seeking solutions that are proven to positively impact their outcomes.

The value we bring:

As an integrated design firm with employees across a range of disciplines, we look at each project from a holistic perspective. We collaborate across markets and expertise to determine how best to bring disparate components together to make an ideal whole. Using an empirical research approach, we partner with our clients to collect data and use it to create evidence-based, proven solutions that support the outcomes they seek.

Environmental Evolution

In the past, buildings and spaces simply housed a function. Today, our clients view real estate as an integral part of their function—advancing objectives related to health, work, learning, culture, activity and discovery.

The value we bring:

We view design as a means to incubate our clients’ brilliance. Our solutions foster growth, enhance processes, encourage exploration, make new connections, and create environments for business prosperity. We collaborate with clients to create solutions that encourage the type of nimble culture that can evolve with the marketplace and propel businesses forward.

Fiscal Stewardship

To be successful in business, clients must increase profits, bolster bottom lines and remain true to stakeholders. Many are looking to increase efficiency and productivity through automation, optimization, consolidation, integration, collaboration, communication and the like. Simply put, the more efficient and fiscally responsible our clients can be, the more returns they’ll see.

The value we bring:

We look at the root causes of problems and provide honest intelligence about the best way forward. Sometimes problems can be solved with new buildings and renovations, while other times they require improved systems, strategies, cultures and processes. Regardless of the final product, we assess multiple options, turning challenges into fiscally sound opportunities.

Brand Distinction

A brand is a unique perception people have of an organization. Clients are looking to communicate their brand in everything they do to differentiate themselves in their marketplaces and engender greater loyalty with their customers.

The value we bring:

Our clients’ brands inform everything we do. We translate the essence of these brands into physical spaces and processes that fuse aesthetics, experience and behavior, delivering an organization's promise in every encounter. Our solutions are authentic expressions of the aspirations of the brand’s values, distinguishing our clients in the marketplace and enhancing the connection between the customer and the organization.

Leverage Human Capital

The war for talent is more aggressive now than ever, and most organizations are actively trying to attract, develop, retain and leverage their workforce. This new approach to talent requires a new approach to human capital—one that puts emphasis on cultivating employee interests, fostering interdisciplinary teams, and funneling employee enthusiasm into innovation and productivity.

The value we bring:

Talent is the driving force behind successful organizations. We partner with clients to intimately understand their talent needs and create cohesive and high-performing workplaces that let people rise to their true potential and do their best work. We strike a balance between creativity and psychology, delivering spaces that respond to human behavior and let innovation and genius thrive.

Socioeconomic Value

Socioeconomic stability greatly influences business success, and clients are looking to add value to the world through social and environmental contributions.

The value we bring:

We believe design can enrich communities, strengthen economies, and improve our environment for generations to come. No matter the project type, we consider not only how the solution will affect profit, but also how it will benefit people and respect our planet.


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