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Our public events serve an ongoing desire to engage firsthand with our communities and the innovative thinkers driving those places forward.


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Events planned in 2019

How we're helping

In Buffalo, our Buffalo Urban Futures Forum (BUFF) Event series serves as an active catalyst for community engagement, using conversation-driven, interactive and collaboration activities to re-imagine everything from an urban neighborhood’s revitalization, to developing smart creative workspaces, and more. The series has spun-off a number of interactive models being used in community engagement projects for our civic project clients. A tabletop map exercise has earned wide acclaim for its inclusive and collaborative methodology.

In Los Angeles, our Innovation Accelerated By Design event featuring leaders from Showtime Network, Kaiser Permanente, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute discussing the intersections of creativity, entrepreneurship and technology.

In New York City, we teamed with Steelcase Education to host an Education Symposium focused on lifelong enrichment and its impact. The event brought together leaders from University-Industry Demonstration Partnership, The New School, Spotify, Facebook and more.

The success of these events continues to inspire new methods of collaboration and engagement in communities. Plans for 2019 include nationally branding our series, holding events in more offices and markets, and the launch of a corresponding Q&A series with national spotlight speakers.