Revitalizing a community center for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

The community surrounding the James R. Jordan Boys & Girls Club is situated within the larger Near West Side community area of Chicago. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago are seeking to enhance and expand programming available so that the club will serve its intended mission to be the hub of hope and opportunity for youth in the Near West Side community and beyond. Additionally, this flagship club will serve as a model for how to engage the community and city.

What they do

At Michael Jordan’s retirement celebration in 1994, Jerry Reinsdorf and the Chicago Bulls announced their intention to build a new Boys & Girls Club to serve the residents of Chicago’s West Haven community. Today, more than 1,250 club members attend the facility weekly.


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How we're helping

We facilitated a series of visioning workshops to align goals for the club with the building’s interior spaces. Workplace strategy conducted a survey and analysis to generate a program that supports the vision, goals, and desire to have the club space reflect their intended way of working. In collaboration with Skender and Transwestern, we delivered a building master plan and interior workplace concepts.