Consulting & Planning

Consulting & Planning Services

In today’s world of rapid innovation, organizations across all industries are continually being challenged to rethink everything as they strive to surpass the competition, deliver value, manage risk, grow market share, develop alternative revenue streams and much more. Our consulting and planning teams help clients respond to these forces by identifying where they are today, where they need to be tomorrow, and most importantly, how to get there.

Working across industries and geographies, our experts consist of researchers, strategists, clinicians, business analysts, designers and industry specialists dedicated to helping clients uncover opportunities for transformation. Whether optimizing the current state or introducing new organizational and operational strategies, we blend our knowledge of people, process and place to help organizations achieve their business objectives.

Blue Cottage of CannonDesign

In April 2019, Blue Cottage Consulting joined CannonDesign. Led by Juliet L. Rogers, PhD, MPH, Blue Cottage is a distinguished consultancy known for creativity, practical innovation, and its robust portfolio of experience working with the leading health systems and academic medical centers in North America. The company’s innovative workflow improvement tools, immersive user engagement activities, big room innovation, and lean kaizen approaches inspire creativity and strengthen our ability to help clients as they navigate through their journeys of transformation. Learn more.

Our Consulting & Planning Services

Change Management

Our change management approach guides stakeholder communities through the process of change by empathizing with users and preparing them to adopt new behaviors and ways of working. Our approach focuses on articulating the future vision and shaping user experience using proprietary methods and interactive tools. We focus on creating sustainable change with a data-driven program that informs and measures metrics of success.

Equipment Planning & Procurement

Our medical and laboratory equipment planning practice specializes in managing the entire process of successful planning, coordination, procurement and installation of equipment technologies. Whether our expertise is needed for a small renovation or a green-build new healthcare or lab facility, our methods are the same — we take the time to deeply understand the needs, manage the equipment budget, coordinate requirements for each item, and ensure all equipment is placed correctly and works as required when needed. Learn more >

Experiential Design

Our unique approach to experiential design (we call it CDXD) is the foundation for effective design and the hallmark of our integrated practice. Entrenched in design thinking and user experience, our process aims to empathize with the needs of people, tap into their emotions, and develop insightful design solutions that are immersive in nature. Every CDXD project we undertake focuses on leveraging design to improve human interactions, process flows, technologies and the physical environment to enhance and support brand loyalty, differentiate an organization, and ultimately, stimulate increased business growth.


Master Planning

Our master-planning teams help clients establish comprehensive frameworks for growth. Our planning process is intensely collaborative and fueled by data gathered through visioning sessions, in-depth focus groups, ethnography, existing facility assessments and more. We pair this research with our deep knowledge of the trends and drivers influencing our clients’ industries to not only create a plan for future facility needs, but surface opportunities for greater business success. Learn More >

Operational Design

Driven by lean methodologies, our planners help organizations maximize operational efficiency and reduce waste. We do this by creating a detailed current state analysis that identifies key issues and areas for improvement. We then work with clients to prioritize future state goals and develop solutions to get there. Rather than making assumptions based on gut feelings or intuition, we harness simulation modeling, virtual and augmented reality and mock-up experiences to test and explore operational improvements — painting a vivid picture of how design concepts will function in the real world.

Predictive Analytics

Although the future will always present unknowns, we employ a number of techniques — from simulation modeling, data mining and intense market analysis — to analyze current data and help clients prepare for the future.  More than just translating data, we employ a number of scenario planning tools to eliminate surprises, examine problems that could arise, and ultimately help clients make informed decisions.

Space Programming

In addition to documenting project goals and space needs, our approach to programming encompasses capacity and utilization analysis, process improvement measures, best practices and space optimization. To help clients visualize programming considerations in real-time, we employ a proprietary visualization tool that evaluates several programmatic options against set parameters. Looking beyond simply programming space, we also explore the type and character of the experiences users will have inside them — infusing those imperative findings into our programmatic decisions.

Transition Planning

Our transition planning team plays an essential role in helping organizations prepare for major facility relocations. Our experts tap into their understanding of the logistical, technological, operational, educational and emotional factors that come with moving to ensure transitions are seamless and employees are prepared for life in the new space.

Workplace Strategy

Built on more than a decade’s worth of workplace research, innovation and implementation, our workplace strategies team focuses on achieving business results. Using extensive data analytics and stakeholder engagement, we quantify needs and develop scenarios that optimize new and existing workplaces, build a case for change, and motivate stakeholders to participate in that change. We’re experts in the complexities of new ways of working and know how to make innovative workplaces successful by addressing space, policies, training and technology. Learn More >