A Comprehensive Design Report for Planning Health Spaces in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond

A CannonDesign team consisting of designers, planners, architects, nurses, engineers and more used their experience and conversations with health organizations to put together a guidebook for future planning.

COVID-19 forced health facilities and care providers to adapt almost overnight. While much remains uncertain about the future of healthcare, the industry continues to build a body of knowledge that will have a lasting influence on the way we plan and design health spaces for a post-pandemic future.

We challenged a team of clinicians, planners, designers and engineers to explore the lessons learned to date and distill this insight into actionable recommendations for the future. Our findings are the result survey research conducted across CannonDesign’s global health practice along with peer-review discussions held with more than 100 internal stakeholders and clients. This eReport breaks down key learnings and design considerations by functional department, spanning issues related to space programming, clinical and operational planning, infrastructure requirements and more.

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Note: This eReport was originally posted on July 29, 2019. We will continue to re-visit and update our guidance as new insights become available. Contact Chris Soria with any questions related to this document.