An advanced lighting control system is implemented at Ohlone Community College District’s Academic Core Building to help the campus achieve its aggressive energy conservation goals, while creating state-of-the-art learning spaces. The lighting control system complement the 2-megawatt PV array already installed on campus and the central utility plant’s earth-coupled bidirectional cascade chiller system with heat-recovery chillers to generate chilled water and heat hot water. The earth-coupled system allows heat energy to be stored in the ground for later use. Waste heat is used to heat a large outdoor swimming pool. This project was designed to exceed the energy code requirements of the 2013 California Energy Code (Title 24).

intelligent lighting controls

Natural light illuminates the corridor.

Ohlone’s intelligent lighting controls system design implements multiple strategies for optimized energy savings. Efficient daylight harvesting takes advantage of the abundant natural light from the exterior façade design. Automatic control, both vacancy and occupancy sensing, are utilized in most spaces. Time-based control scheduling is found in most common spaces, with additional set points to adjust the light level output when a load shed signal is sent. Task tuning is available in all classrooms, conference rooms and shared spaces. Personal control is showcased in all office areas for user control and comfort.

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