Life-long Learning: Designing Libraries in Schools, on Campuses, and for Cities

The role of the library has shifted. With information now available in the palm of our hands, the library’s role is no longer as a repository of knowledge, but instead as a facilitator of exploration and knowledge creation for academic institutions and communities alike.

As a result, the design of libraries also needs to shift. While national trends can affect a library in some ways, the design itself should focus primarily on the hyperlocal needs of the surrounding community. Whether designing within the walls of a K-12 school, on a university campus, or within a city’s urban core, a library is never a one-size-fits-all design.

This whitepaper will offer insights, research and project case studies to explore how we, as designers, can work with key stakeholders on both the public and academic side to ensure the environments we create represent the patrons that will use the spaces.