As one of the leading design firms in the world, we naturally spend a lot of time talking about what we do. We promote our markets and services and make sure our clients understand our unique approach to thinking and doing. But what we do and how we do it only scratches the surface of who we are.

On the surface, we’re architects, planners, engineers, strategists and industry specialists spanning hundreds of disciplines. I’m surrounded by some of the best in the world in their fields, but our people bring more to the firm than just their expertise. They bring unique perspectives, passions and experiences, and come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This combined
diversity of thought—and life—becomes the true definition of who we are as a company, and when harnessed and used to solve our clients’ challenges, becomes the true driver of our firm’s success.

And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce PRISM, an annual CannonDesign publication that begins to tell our firm’s story through the lens of our people. The publication draws attention to 10 CannonDesigners bringing our company’s Vision and Purpose to life and contributing to our firm’s culture and brilliance in inspiring ways. From an architect in Toronto fueled by her drive to find meaning in architecture, to a life-long athlete turned sports facility designer and a New Yorker passionate about improving education—each of the stories paints a vivid picture of what makes our firm so remarkable: our people.

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