What do you get when you mix interactive light art, live music, light-up swings, food trucks, and a beer hall? The Lawn on D in Boston, of course!

The Lawn on D is an interactive outdoor landscape that brings the diverse communities of Boston together for a variety of community and social events – and recently lighting on The Lawn has been center stage. The space itself is 2.7 acres in the heart of the Innovation district and South Boston neighborhood. They have paved walkways, picnic tables, a 5000 square foot tent (with a bar), ping pong tables, and corn-hole boards, allowing residents and visitors an escape within the city to spend time with friends and family.


A couple groups of CannonDesigners have ventured over to The Lawn on several recent occasions to check out the recent interactive light art installations.

One of the most popular exhibits at The Lawn was Pentalum. Created by Architects of Air (UK based design group), the structure was geometric in form, almost like giant origami. It was very similar to an adult version of a playplace, as you could go inside and explore the structure. The sun shone through translucent colored panels while the opaque panels were coated with a reflective film. The result was an ethereal and surreal maze where color theory ruled. It was a really neat experience, and our group caught some interesting photos…


About a month later an additional lighting related installation made it’s way to the Lawn on D. In all there were a total of 5 bunnies that were as high as two stories tall. The installation named “Interlude” was the vision of Australian artist Amanda Parer. During the day these oversized bunnies are a spectacle in themselves in but in the evening they are lit by LED flood lights from within creating a beautiful and slightly eerie glow against the dark night sky.

Both of these temporary installations were adjacent to a more permanent exhibit – solar and kinetically powered LED swings! The unique forms are outfitted with integral color-changing LED modules which switch between blue and green, depending on swing speed.  In operation since last September, the swings are a popular attraction day and night.

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While these installations aren’t directly linked with the celebration of the International Year of Light 2015, night-time light+art exhibits seem to be popping up all over major cities. And Boston isn’t the only CannonDesign city with cool light art: Chicago will be installing a light installation project this fall, beautifying the “L” and boosting civic pride on Wabash Avenue. Check out the video here!

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