Corporate Values as Workplace DriversCorporate values are having a moment. This year’s Super Bowl featured more than one commercial highlighting company principles or beliefs: 84 Lumber’s CEO noted its values-driven ad was specifically designed to attract young workers to the company.

Connecting personal values to company values is important to millennial workers, but there are more substantive, lasting ways to communicate these messages than a multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad. Using the workplace to tell a company’s story, its evolution and innovations can be a great way to show prospective young employees that a company is more than its profit margin.

We’re working with a couple of clients that have prioritized an authentic story in recruiting this generation of workers.

Our master plan for Clorox includes re-centering Oakland as the head, heart and soul of this multi-national company. A new innovation hub will introduce visitors to the Clorox story, including its century-long commitment to the city. This expansion will complement our recently completed redesign of a floor that includes overt references to trusted Clorox brands.

In Brunswick’s current HQ, millennials expressed significantly lower satisfaction than other age cohorts with the workplace. Our newly designed workplace aims at celebrating a new set of values – creating a more dynamic, less quiet environment with universal access to natural light, a higher degree of collaborative space and a wider range of settings to support great work, concentration, learning and social interaction.

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