October 28, 2020

CannonDesign Wins Two St. Louis Chapter ASHRAE Technology Awards

We are pleased to announce that the ASHRAE St. Louis Chapter has awarded CannonDesign with two Technology Awards.

The first project recognized was the University of Missouri – Columbia East Campus Plant Growth Facility.


From the submission:

“CannonDesign partnered with the University of Missouri to masterplan, program and design a new 56,000 sf technologically advanced and sustainable plant science research center. The new facility provides a wide range of capabilities enabling the pursuit of novel, creative and transformative ideas in the field of plant biology including how plants adapt and respond to changing environments.

Modular greenhouse compartments and a variety of controlled environmental growth chambers are supported with multiple headhouses for fundamental and field studies, seed processing/drying, and archival seed storage facilities.  This range of flexibility between disciplines and adaptability of highly controlled environments and HVAC systems will provide the University a high level of utilization and responsiveness to changes in programs and will support the University as a leader in plant research and training.”

The second project recognized was Mount Sinai Medical Center – Skolnick Surgical Tower and Hildebrandt Emergency Department.


From the submission:

“We applied a signature level of detail and thoughtfulness to the project from conception to opening—from early master planning for the greater campus, to the design of the tower and the operational and transition planning, move management and coordination leading up to the first day the doors opened to patients. This collective effort resulted in a resilient combination of engineering and architecture that fits the Miami Beach ocean-front aesthetic while functioning as a state-of-the-art medical facility prepared for any weather-related event.

The new surgical bed tower and emergency department have been designed for resiliency. Located right on Miami Beach, the campus is subjected to hurricane and tropical storm risks, which prompted the design team to elevate major infrastructure above the lowest floor to allow for continued operation. Major portions of the hospital are provided with redundant air-handling systems that allow for quick transition in the event of equipment failure. State-of-the-art operating rooms are provided with robust temperature control to allow for a wide range of space conditions suited to the surgeon’s needs.”

We want to thank the ASHRAE awards committee for this recognition.

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