June 14, 2022

St. Louis Public Library Named One of Most Beautiful and Awe Inspiring in the Country

Fodor’s Travel released their latest list of the most “awe-inspiring libraries from West Palm Beach to Tennessee” and again included the  St. Louis Public Library on the prestigious list. 

We were proud to help restore and modernize the famous library originally built in 1912 and designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert. 

The renewal preserved the grandeur of many of the historic rooms to their original turn-of-the-century splendor, introduced extensive new public space and transformed the North Wing—which had been previously closed off to the public to house old book stacks—into an expansive atrium awash with natural light.

As highlighted in FOX 2’s article summarizing the Fodor’s Travel list, the library “contains replica features from the Pantheon, Vatican, and Michelangelo’s Laurentian Library.” 

In Fodor’s description of the St. Louis Public Library, the writer continues, “in addition to offering an impressive amount of literature and acting as a community space, this library seemingly brings a modern version of the Italian Renaissance to downtown St. Louis.”

This $70 million renovation was completed and opened in 2013 and has been widely celebrated for the way it reclaimed the architectural glories of the past while offering the modern conveniences of the present.