February 8, 2022

17 XBE Firms Join the CannonDesign Collective

Building on the success of last year’s launch of the CannonDesign Collective, we’re thrilled to welcome 17 more XBE firms into the program. 

Over the next 12 weeks, leaders from these firms will join us for a two-way, active learning experience designed to build deep-rooted relationships. Here’s the firms joining us:

The CannonDesign Collective is the heart of our firm’s Inclusive Partner Program, which was created to strengthen partnerships with XBE firms by maximizing shared opportunities, sparking genuine collaboration and providing fulfilling experiences for all involved. Each week of the Collective is focused on a different, business-related topic—from the future of professional services to strategies for winning new work, ideas for succession planning, and new approaches for social innovation, storytelling and more. The program also brings in speakers from client organizations to share their insights on what they look for in design partners. 

“We designed the CannonDesign Collective to be a participatory, in-depth experience because we didn’t want it to feel like just another ‘check-the-box’ XBE program,” said Cindy Bambini, one of the co-leaders of our Inclusive Partner Program. “We spent a lot of time talking to XBE firm leaders and they made it clear they didn’t want that. So, we built something that is different, so firms understand we truly value them as partners. It’s already acting as a catalyst for empowerment, equity, shifting perspectives and so much more.” 

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“Everything we created is designed to provide real value to our XBE partners,” added program co-leader Maggie Bailey. “I’m incredibly excited to welcome our group of 15 firms to the CannonDesign Collective and to learn and grow alongside each of them. This is just the starting point—and my hope is that we’ll all have opportunities to do incredible work, together.” 

Interested in joining our Inclusive Partner Program?