The next generation of innovators, or CannonDesign interns, can be found honing their skills on an assortment of projects spanning the globe. Our interns took a break from solving complex design challenges to share their advice about making the most of a design internship.

Joesph Excelling at a Design Internship
Intern: Joseph Vizurraga
Office: St. Louis
Tip: Know your strengths
Having a good sense of what you like to do and what you do well can really give you a good head start when just beginning an internship. Whether it’s drawing, modeling, graphics, or something else, be confident in your skills and abilities, and don’t be afraid to ask for help with things you might be unfamiliar with.


After gaining first hand exposure to the construction process as a construction manager for Habitat for Humanity, Joseph is pursuing a Master’s of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis. Joseph’s contribution toward a semester long studio installation titled Accumulus is currently on display at the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis. At his internship, Joseph has been able to apply his model making skills across a variety of projects.

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Veronika Excelling at a Design Internship
Intern: Veronika Bakalova
Office: Chicago
Tip: Be versatile
Highland Park Bus Station
As an intern entering a design-related field, it is important to be able to adapt to different aspects of a project while building valuable skills. By actively participating in all phases of the design process, you will grow beyond your expectations while learning from experts in the field.



Veronika is entering her final year of a Master’s of Architecture at the University of Michigan. During a 1st year studio, Veronika used feedback from the local community to develop the winning design solution for Detroit’s Highland Park (as pictured). During her design internship with CannonDesign, Veronika has been developing herself as a designer within the education and healthcare markets.

Rahul Excelling at a Design Internship
Intern: Rahul Ghera
Office: Buffalo
Tip: Never be afraid to ask questions
Cannon Design’s collaborative environment encourages multiple viewpoints and mutual support. Asking questions has connected me with individuals from the firm’s many offices, exposed me to new software, and I even gained a few opportunities to interact with clients. As an intern, I feel my time here would have been less valuable had I stopped myself from asking questions.


Rahul will be starting his Masters of Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design in the fall. Prior to leaving, Rahul’s goal is to complete the process of establishing a scholarship that would provide students from minority backgrounds with job opportunities at WNY firms.

An internship at CannonDesign provides students the opportunity to learn from a global team of design talent with a focus on personal growth.

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