mike pottsMichael Potts is a numbers guy, ensuring our business runs smoothly from a financial perspective. Learn about his career path and the fast-paced field of finance.

What led you to pursue a career in accounting?

I always excelled in math and took an accounting course in high school. Initially, I was going to pursue a career in either education or criminal justice, but I decided on accounting and received my bachelor’s degree at Niagara University. I didn’t initially like basic accounting and my first job was for a property management firm. My role was assisting the vice president of operations with refinancing all of the commercial properties they owned and other various financial-related tasks. I then went to work at a bank where I worked as an investor accountant. I didn’t really love the banking industry and an opportunity presented itself at CannonDesign for a project accountant position. What I enjoy most about the job is that it is non-traditional accounting and provides the opportunity to work with many of the talented people in the firm.

How long have you worked at CannonDesign

I’ve been with the firm 16 years.

What is your role?

As a senior finance manager, I’m responsible for working with project managers and business practice leaders to ensure projects run profitably. I’m also involved in forecasting/revenue projections, revenue recognition, management of project accountants and project billers, ensuring clients are billed timely, year-end auditing, and managing the Section 179D process — a program passed by congress that allows designers to receive tax deductions on commercial, publicly owned buildings that meet energy efficiency requirements.

Describe an average work day:

I would say that it is fast paced and priorities change by the minute. What you have on your to do list in the morning is not necessarily what you spend your time doing throughout the day.

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