Amanda DurocherAmanda Durocher works in Marketing for the firm. Learn about her day-to-day responsibilities and why she decided to choose a career in marketing.

What led you to pursue a career in marketing at an A/E firm?

I pursued a career in marketing because the field offers the chance to strategize and identify trends and patterns while working collaboratively. I was interested in the A/E industry because it also offers the ability to be creative through the design of proposals and interview materials.

You’ve worked at CannonDesign for almost 2 years, what has been your favorite aspect so far?

As cliché as it sounds, my favorite part about CannonDesign is the people I work with every day. As a marketing coordinator, I work with people at all levels, from entry level employees to CannonDesign’s leaders. I am constantly learning new things from those I work with and interact with.

You’re a Marketing Coordinator in the Boston Office, describe what your average day looks like.

Everyday is different, but some of my usual tasks include preparing and developing materials for project proposals and interviews, assisting in market research and development initiatives, helping marketing coordinators in other offices, searching for new opportunities, and tracking the Boston office’s opportunities.

How do you feel that what you learned while getting your degree has contributed to your success while here?

I graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. While in school I learned how to effectively communicate verbally, visually, and through text.

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