Larkin Links is the only “nano” golf course in the city of Buffalo. It’s designed to be a public art concept that is free and open for people to enjoy. The course features holes that were created by area artists and designers. CannonDesign was lucky enough to have the opportunity to design and build one of the featured holes. The design team set out with the mindset of getting people involved in the community and engaging CannonDesign employees to collaborate on a project and have fun doing it.

Preliminary SketchUp model of hole

The main objective of the design was to create a hole that highlighted a prominent building in Buffalo. One of the biggest advancements that Buffalo has seen in recent years is the expansion of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus which is known for world-class research, education, and clinical care. CannonDesign played a role in the revitalization by creating the new Gates Vascular Institute (GVI), and the team decided that this would be a great focus of the mini golf hole design.

The GVI was designed by Philip Gusmano and fabricated by Rigidized Metals

The design offers players two putting paths to choose from, each starting from the helicopter landing pad. One path includes a ramp to the top of the GVI model which leads to an opening on the roof that drops the ball down a series of ramps inside the model, out an exit opening, and towards the hole. The second putting path includes a down ramp on the side of the GVI that goes past an ambulance bay.

The actual construction of the GVI is made of steel which was fabricated by Rigidized Metals who also collaborated with us on the design. The model also features polycarbonate windows, solar-powered LED lights, and wood for the foundation and putting paths. Since the hole needed to be transported from Grand Island to downtown Buffalo, the GVI and helipad can be separated from the main apparatus. The final ball path inside the GVI and exit ramp were determined last to make sure the hole was functional.

Team outing at Larkin Links to test the new hole

CannonDesign values its connection with the communities around Buffalo and was happy to have had the opportunity to create this mini golf hole for Larkinville.