With more surgeries moving to ambulatory settings and growing demand for updated or expanded ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), Same-Day Surgery penned a new article featuring our Deb Sheehan highlighting the inherent opportunities, challenges and considerations for these update efforts.

Specifically, Deb shines light on how ASCs can ensure staff can effectively continue surgical work amidst ongoing construction.

She notes insurance companies are currently pushing harder for outpatient procedures over inpatient to save money, be more efficient and improve patient outcomes. But current ASCs weren’t built to handle the number of patients being sent their way—most were built two decades ago – and can’t accommodate a higher patient load or the latest technology that aides in improved outcomes and speedier procedures.

Completing a renovation that isn’t time-consuming, expensive or disruptive to ongoing surgeries is a daunting task. ASCs must phase construction and keep key areas compartmentalized to avoid any crossover with patients or contamination of sterile spaces. Extra steps such as temporary walls or HEPA filters may need to be implemented as extra infection control measures.

“It leaves us with little sequences of construction,” Deb explains. “Maybe we get 500 square feet at a time for the change, which is often the case, to maintain critical flows around construction space.”

Working with ASC staff during the design process helps establish new optimized workflows that can be used in the new facility. One great way to engage ASC staff is via new technology where nurses and surgical teams can virtually “walk through” a space and determine any potential issues an architect or designer might not consider.

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