World Cup Drama, Public Libraries & Jordan Spieth

When it comes to summer vacations, July and August are prime time to get away to hike mountains, relax on the beach, fish, golf, enjoy your favorite yoga retreat or just spend time with the family. A recent survey from Ask Your Target Market reveals July is the biggest month for summer vacations (46%), then August (36%), June (11%) and May (7%).

Coming off a year in which I was lucky enough to get married, honeymoon for two weeks and buy a house, my wife and I are choosing a bit more cost-effective staycation this summer. Even though we won’t be traveling this week while out on PTO, I’ve had summer trips on the brain. I recently set out to identify cool summer trip ideas that involved CannonDesign venues or buildings across the world.

I work at CannonDesign and fully recognize I’m biased, but these seemed like five cool ideas for summer vacation travel.

Women’s World Cup Action in Canada

Women's World Cup Scene

If only summer vacations allowed us to travel back in time. This year’s Women’s World Cup has already passed, but had I taken time off earlier in the summer (or known the US Women’s Team would win the World Cup) it would have been exciting to visit Lansdowne Park and/or BC Place. Prior to this year’s event, it had been over a decade since World Cup action had been on North American soil and it’s not expected back in the decade ahead. Chances to attend major international sporting events like this are rare and I’d have gladly burned a day or two of PTO to chant U.S.A. U.S.A. as the women’s team won the coveted cup.

Dream in the St. Louis Public Library

St. Louis Public Library

As a young child, I spent a ton of time in the local public library. I honestly still remember the day my mother handed me my first Hardy Boys book and encouraged me to give it a read. She set off a life-long fascination with reading, books and libraries. As soon as I finished one book, I had to get to the library to rent another. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can try and judge a library from afar – and the St. Louis Public Library looks simply wonderful. It’s one of my favorite buildings in CannonDesign’s portfolio and I’d love to get the opportunity to visit St. Louis to see the arch, eat good food and check out the library. Whenever I get there, I’m eager to find a good book or two and a spot near this dream wall.

Cheer on Jordan Spieth and team USA in South Korea

Jack Nicklaus Clubhouse

There are few things I enjoy more in life than watching major championship golf. The Masters, U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship are four of the biggest events on my calendar every year. This year, the President’s Cup – a competition that will pit the best U.S. golfers vs an International team – will take place at  this October. No, CannonDesign didn’t design the bunkers and fairways, but the Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign did design the clubhouse at the famous course. I would have a blast walking the holes and cheering on Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson and others as they seek to win the prestigious tournament.

Understanding the History of Civic Rights in Los Angeles

museum of tolerance

Two years back my wife and I took a long-weekend trip to Washington, DC. It’s one of our favorite trips to date as we were immersed in history and reflection. Our visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum proved especially powerful. I imagine we’d have a similar experience if we ever visited the Museum of Tolerance and its Anne Frank Exhibit in Los Angeles. The photos I’ve seen of the museum’s exhibits are striking, and I can only imagine its humanitarian messages are both humbling and inspiring. Plus, Los Angeles is a city I’ve never visited, and I’d love to walk the streets and experience the city while taking in everything the museum had to offer.

Popflys and Peanuts at PNC Park

PNC park

Taking in a summer game at the local ballpark is a summer tradition for many. While baseball isn’t my favorite sport, PNC Park is one the top stadiums in all of baseball and warrants a visit. The idea of summer sun, cold beer, peanuts, hot dogs and home runs is enticing. Plus, Pittsburgh is just a few hours away from my hometown of Buffalo, NY. It wouldn’t be hard to convince my father to grab our old gloves and head down for a game or two before summer fades to fall.

These are just a few ideas for summer vacations that feature CannonDesign projects. Take a look at our portfolio and see if you can come up with some other interesting trips. Feel free to email me at with your ideas.