Haley DarstIn honor of National Engineers Week we are showcasing a few of the people behind the scenes of our world-class engineered solutions. Meet Haley Darst, an architectural engineer from our Boston office and learn why she loves engineering at CannonDesign.

What type of engineer are you?

I am an architectural engineer with a focus in Lighting Design –I have a Bachelor’s of Architectural Engineering (BAE) from Penn State University (2011).

Why did you decide to become an engineer?

I excelled in math and science courses in school, but also had a deep appreciation for architecture and wanted to somehow influence the built environment. Architectural engineering was a great major to pursue, as each option directly impacts architecture itself.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened during your time at CannonDesign?

The integration of lighting design as a specialty design service at CannonDesign has really propelled our group in terms of integrating with all of our offices and getting to know other CannonDesigners across the firm.  It has been a very exciting ride for our team!

Finish this sentence: Without engineers, the world would be ___________________.

Simple, yet complicated.  We would live in a very simple world so to speak, but without engineering it would make life far more complicated compared to what we’re used to. Engineers are all about efficiency, so without engineers, our day to day tasks would either take us much longer to complete, or would inevitably be impossible.

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