As summer break drew to a close, our interns were hard at work putting the finishing touches on the various projects they’ve been involved with throughout their time with us. CannonDesign had close to 45 interns this summer, and as a MarCom intern in our Buffalo office, I had the unique opportunity to interview many of them about their internship experience as part of the Intern to Intern series. Check out Part 2 and Part 3 to hear more of their stories!

Name: Cesar Portillo
Office: Houston
School: University of Houston
Discipline: Architecture

Like many of us, Cesar’s favorite part of working at CannonDesign is the endless assortment of Keurig pods. In between coffee breaks, Cesar has been hard at work on RCPs and user markups, while learning the intricacies of healthcare design as an Architecture Intern in our Houston office. Although he isn’t sure of his long-term plans after completing his five-year Bachelor’s in Architecture at the University of Houston, he’d like to earn a master’s degree after graduating to deepen his understanding of design. In-between meeting deadlines and planning, he spent his downtime this summer hanging with friends and fine-tuning his board game skills. These skills came in handy during an employee engagement speed-dating event where he got to (kind of) show off his skills. The event was his second favorite office event this summer – second only to the Community Day t-shirt office design session. Cesar is happy to have had such a positive experience this summer and is doing his very best to try to extend his internship into his fall semester.

Name: Audrey Dittmar
Office: Dallas
School: Texas Tech University
Discipline: Interior Design

According to her mother, Audrey Dittmar has always had “an eye for design.” Though her work as an Interior Design Intern in our Dallas office and as an interior design student at Texas Tech University speak to her talents, Audrey can’t help but credit that comment from her mother with fueling her interest in the design sphere. After spending a few months working on the rebrand of the Dallas office, Audrey is almost finished with phase one and has made progress in changing out signage, repainting and making a few other small changes to the space. The office rebrand is by the far the largest project she’s worked on, but she’s also managed to get heavily involved with a few healthcare projects, too. Since starting at CannonDesign, she has become fascinated with the nuance of designing the interiors of healthcare facilities and hopes to specialize in this area as her career progresses. She is very active in doing charity work for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through her sorority (TriDelta), and because of this takes personal investment in the work being done on such projects. In addition to her charitable involvement, Audrey is a big fan of ice cream and is very thankful for the day her office went out for cones together – cake batter has never tasted so sweet!

Name: Scott Wiener
Office: Pittsburgh
School: Syracuse University
Discipline: Mechanical Engineering

Like many college seniors, Scott Wiener has just about had it with school. He’s enjoyed his time studying Mechanical Engineering at Syracuse University, but the end of late nights working on papers and problem sets is calling to him. As a Mechanical Engineering Intern in our Pittsburgh office, Scott has learned that he truly values being in the field and learning as he goes, which has solidified his desire to hold back on a graduate degree until he gets a bit more experience. Throughout the summer he had the unique opportunity to see sites go from bare bones to almost fully constructed, and is in awe of just how many moving parts must come together to pull such a feat off. A few months before applying, Scott was awestruck by the sight of CHUM on a trip to Montreal and made it a priority to look for work at CannonDesign this summer. He’s happy to be in the Pittsburgh office this summer as it is his second time working in the city and is thankful for the many opportunities he has been given!

Name: Sydney Matson-Grimm
Office: St. Louis
School: University of Kansas
Discipline: Architecture

During the week you can find Sydney working on master planning and construction documents in our St. Louis office, but if she’s not in the office, you probably won’t be able to find her. In her spare time, she likes to get out as much as possible and enjoys hiking, biking, and touring as many national parks as possible (her favorite so far is Glacier). She appreciates company on her outings, however, and is grateful to have met so many fellow outdoor lovers who have joined her in rock climbing expeditions and many pickup sports games during her time as a Healthcare Design Intern. Sydney’s internship is part of her co-op at the University of Kansas, where she is about to complete her five-year program in architecture. Her interest in architecture stems from a desire to better the built environment for the people who use it and credits her time at CannonDesign for building her appreciation of the technical aspects that go into healthcare design. In the coming weeks, she hopes to begin working on schematic and design development to round out her experience with the design process.

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