As summer break drew to a close, our interns were hard at work putting the finishing touches on the various projects they’ve been involved with throughout their time with us. CannonDesign had close to 45 interns this summer, and as a MarCom intern in our Buffalo office, I had the unique opportunity to interview many of them about their internship experience as part of the Intern to Intern series. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 to hear more of their stories!

Name: Nicole Sarwono
Office: Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign
School: CalPoly, San Luis Obispo
Discipline: Architecture

A native of Seattle, Nicole Sarwano has been taking full advantage of the Los Angeles sun as an Architecture Intern at the Yazdani Studio. Though her interest in architecture began after attending summer camp in high school, her studies at CalPoly, San Luis Obispo helped her fall fully in love with design and eventually led her to the Yazdani Studio. Nicole is a naturally creative person – she designs sets in her spare time (her favorite being one she created for Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”) – and was wholly impressed by the innovation that regularly emerges from the Yazdani Studio. Lucky for her, she was given the chance to become a part of the Yazdani team. As this summer’s intern, she feels as though she had the opportunity to fully connect with the studio’s design process and is thankful to have met such an inspiring and supportive group of people (special shout-out to: Ben Juckes, Michel Chabaneix, Keshav Ramaswami, Mimi Lam, and Nadine Quirmbach). Despite the many skills she has gained, Nicole believes that her biggest takeaway from this internship has been getting to know the people she’s met here and would like to thank everyone in the office for a great summer!

Name: Thong Luc
Office: San Francisco
School: Academy of Art University
Discipline: Interior Design

Growing up, Thong lived with his family in a one-room apartment and spent his days dreaming of the many ways he would redesign the space if he had the chance. As he grew, he decided to turn these dreams into a career path. A native of Vietnam, Thong’s passion led him to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he is in his final year of studying interior architecture. He was initially drawn to CannonDesign for its blending of interior and exterior design and is happy to have the chance to see this process in practice as an interior design intern in our San Francisco office. In addition to his internship, Thong works as a freelance photographer for various magazines, including Vogue Italia and Hypebeast Magazine. What he appreciates most about design and photography is the opportunity to communicate without words, as his shy nature often makes it difficult for him to connect with people. Lucky for him, the San Francisco office has a weekly happy hour where Thong enjoys friendly chats with his colleagues.

Name: Drishti Shah
Office: Irvine
School: Virginia Tech
Discipline: Architecture

At 26 years old, Drishti is ready to finish school and join the workforce full-time. She is in her final year of her Master’s in Architecture program at Virginia Tech, and is spending her summer working as an Architecture Intern in our Irvine office. Her interest in architecture began as a child when she spent on-site visits with her father, who was an engineer at the time. Growing up, looking at buildings gave her passion but working for a firm has guided her professional interests and allowed her to fully understand the American perspective/approach to architecture. A native of Mumbai, India, Drishti has been enjoying the American workplace while also taking full advantage of the many coastal opportunities Irvine has to offer this summer. In her last few weeks as an intern, be sure to ask her about her newfound surfing skills!

Name: Bradley Cochran
Office: Chicago
School: Purdue
Discipline: Electrical Engineering

In addition to working as an Electrical Engineering Intern in our Chicago office, Bradley Cochran is a full-time student at Purdue University, part-time electrician, and father to a seven-month-old son. As he approaches the start of his senior year, he is incredibly thankful for his time at CannonDesign as it has allowed him to decide that after graduation he would like to work as a field engineer. Bradley suspected that he would be most attracted to field work (his interest in electrical engineering came from years of doing electrical work with his father), but in learning how design engineers in construction operate, his interests were “cemented.” Free time is anything but abundant in Bradley’s life as an intern, college student, and young father, so he appreciates his summer internship for not only the work experience and knowledge he gained, but also the social environment it gave him. The Chicago office may or may not have a highly regulated beverage cart that made an appearance on Fridays after 3:30, and Bradley may or may not have had a great time getting to know his coworkers on these days.

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