January 13, 2020

Commercial Team Shares How Workplace Design Drives Culture with St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Key members of our commercial practice share insight on how workplace design can transform culture and drive business outcomes in a new piece from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Both Ken Crabiel and Michelle Rotherham are quoted in the piece that looks at workplace design through the lens of open office plans and Michael Bloomberg’s recent quote that he would transform the White House East Room into an open-office plan if elected president. The article moves beyond Bloomberg’s quote to look deeper at how customized workplaces can help companies achieve their goals.

Ken shares that while polarizing arguments related to open vs. closed workplace environments often grab headlines, it’s really about strategic workplace solutions that blend the best of both types of environments and calibrate them to their employees needs. Michelle adds that “most modern offices need a variety of environments, including private spaces where workers can avoid interrupts and collaborative spaces where they can talk without distracting colleagues.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also shared data from our team’s work with Zurich North America, where we helped the insurance provider increase employee satisfaction by more than 30 percent along with other key culture and business improvements. Our commercial team consistently partners with dynamic organizations like Square, LinkedIn, Penn Medicine, Showtime, Atlassian and more to create remarkable work spaces and experiences.

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