October 14, 2020

Brad Lukanic contributes to Fast Company’s “How to build more equitable public space after COVID-19”

CEO Brad Lukanic joined Fast Company’s Impact Council experts about how COVID-19 has impacted public space, the future of public-private partnerships, and how cities can be accessible to all. The article, How to build more equitable public space after COVID-19,” can be read here.

The Fast Company Impact Council, an invitation-only group of executives, founders, and other leaders from across industries, gathered on June 30 to share insights on the future of business and society.

Bradley Lukanic: “There’s an interesting thing that’s happening right now where public and private are getting blurred. Restaurants are spilling out onto the streets; parking is becoming outdoor seating; you can do physical therapy in the park because of telemedicine. You used to have to go to a place, go through a door, but these things have spilled out to the city in different ways. The question is, is it accessible to all? And it’s not. And who will lead the way [to change that]? Will it be governmental, trying to think about how you ease restrictions and policies? Or do you let it organically happen and try to find the best practices?

You’ve got to think there’s something coming that’s been accelerated by the pandemic [as well as the movements around] diversity, inclusion, social justice, which is now starting to take a faster momentum. Buildings and spaces that are designed for a singular purpose are set aside to reimagine how we experience each other, either physically or digitally. Cities will be reimagined; I’m just not sure if they will be shaped by individuals, civic leaders, governments, or an intersection of all of those.”

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