April 9, 2020

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Recreation Center Converted to Coronavirus Care Center

In almost a week’s time, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo’s Recreation Center has been converted into a Coronavirus Care Center.

Our team did not help with the conversion, but we applaud our clients and their partners for stepping up amidst the challenging spread of COVID-19.

Local media recently profiled the facility’s conversion at length. along with the school’s newspaper. Here’s a few excerpts:

The recreation center will be “an alternate care site for Coronavirus patients whose needs are between hospitalization and home care.” The site, which is being put together by public and private partnerships, also serves as a backup care facility in the event that all four local hospitals reach full capacity.

‘You almost couldn’t find a better purpose-built facility than this place to build up the alternate care site,’ said Tenet Health Central Coast CEO, Mark Lisa.

Now, beds line the basketball court floor. Trusses once used to hold stage lights for concerts now dangle chords to provide power to phone chargers, IV stations and oxygen equipment.

Racquetball courts have become changing rooms and storage spaces. The activity center holds pallets of N95 masks and personal protective equipment. Security guards have replaced student employees.

Everything has changed.

When it’s fully outfitted, the site could house as many as 931 beds in the Rec Center and neighboring Mott Gym. The county is preparing to open the facility on Wednesday—a little more than a week after the transformation began. Plans call for it to be opened in phases, as needed.

“There’s been high-speed, high-intensity effort since we pulled the trigger to get this thing off the ground,” Lisa said.

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