April 28, 2020

NPR Interviews Dylan Coonrad About Street Signs for Social Distancing

NPR On Point recently interviewed our Dylan Coonrad about his redesign of street signs for our current era of social distancing.

Last month, Dylan conceptually reimagined 10 common street signs and how they might apply during the current pandemic. For him, he wanted to explore how these critical communication tools like street signs help us adapt to the new normal? The hope was these images could serve as a love letter to the places we live (NYC for me). The people we miss. And all that unites us, even when we have to keep at least six feet apart.

Since their publication, Dylan’s street signs have been published by QZ, Dezeen, Fast Company, the New York Times and numerous other global media. In his NPR interview, Dylan shared his appreciation for street signs as markers for society, adding, “They’re remarkable pieces of design. They’re not sold on shelves and they’re not hanging in museums, but they mean everything to us and I think we rely on them more than we might realize.”

Listen to Dylan’s NPR On Point interview >