January 10, 2022

ArchDaily Publishes D'Youville Health Professions Hub

We are proud to share that ArchDaily has published the D’Youville Health Professions Hub.

One of the premier design websites in the world, ArchDaily features leading-edge projects that push society forward. They selected the D’Youville Health Professions Hub for the remarkable impact it is set to have for Buffalo’s West Side community, current and future D’Youville students and medical education at large.

The Hub confronts two critical challenges in the Buffalo region. First, the city’s West Side community, rich with immigrants and refugees, is woefully underserved and faces complex challenges around limited access to care and prevalent poverty and food insecurity. Concurrently, the region anticipates a critical shortage of healthcare professionals in excess of 10,000 by 2024.

The Health Profession Hub converts both of these challenges into opportunity as a “first-of-its-kind” health center featuring innovative learning spaces, a workforce center, extensive virtual training resources, and a clinic offering primary care, rehabilitation medicine, nutrition, nursing, pharmacy, and more. All at once, the building improves community access to healthcare services, introduces educational opportunities focused on breaking the cycle of chronic illness, prepares a new workforce to seize in-demand healthcare jobs, and supports a living-wage ecosystem for Buffalo’s West Side residents.