December 3, 2020

Carlos Amato On Embracing New Patient Technology in Healthcare Planning and Design

Carlos Amato, principal and a lead designer out of our Los Angeles office, recently co-authored a piece for Health Facilities Management on how new and effective technology is often left out of patient spaces when it could drastically improve not only building design but also patient outcomes.

With co-author Ted Hood, an associate and senior project manager for technology at TLC Engineering Solutions, they discuss strategies and suggestions that can shape the healthcare buildings of the future. Some of these include:

  • Value of patient safety technology: “Technology that supports patient safety often seems expensive, but evaluating with readmission costs due to patient falls, health care-associated infections (HAIs) and other mishaps usually demonstrates a quick return on investment.”
  • Hybrid in-person and virtual visits: “This includes a new virtual care module, designed so clinicians have adequate space to perform virtual visits, not just cameras and microphones added to exam rooms. For example, adding teledigital pods for one-on-one sessions and larger spaces for care teams to replicate rehabilitation or nutrition activities and equipment.”
  • Technology aiding infection control: ” For instance, hand-hygiene compliance systems support infection control protocols and are proven to reduce HAIs dramatically. Additionally, surgical instrument tracking solutions support proper maintenance and track instruments utilized on patients when biological indicators are found post-procedure.”

Carlos and Ted note, “Health facilities design professionals must recognize that an old facility model nicely decorated as a high-end hotel is no longer revolutionary or forward thinking. They should ensure technology is always in the background and delivers added value to enhance the patient experience and consider that patient safety opportunities are present in every component of a health care facility.”

Read the full piece here.