It has been an exciting few months for Pratt Institute and the new Emerson Place project, set to open in Fall 2019. The project celebrated its “Topping Out” with the completion of the tenth floor this August. Several of our team members were on hand to mark the event.

Designed collaboratively by our team, hMa Architects and Pratt Institute, Emerson Place creates important opportunities for first-year students’ social and intellectual development and promotes a community of invention and collaboration critical to Pratt’s academic mission. More than just a physical object, the building will be a home and nurturing environment where students learn, develop, grow and engage. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology spaces, and scaled areas for privacy and community, Emerson Place is a live/learn residential hall which will foster bright futures for students.

Beyond Emerson Place, Pratt Institute also recently inaugurated their new President Frances Bronet. A stand-out visionary in the world of education and former Architect. President Bronet focused her inauguration events around exploring new ideas and models for learning. She presented an engaging dialogue with renowned history and technology scholar Cathy N. Davidson for a thorough exploration of the topic.

Specifically, President Bronet demonstrated her architecture background to highlight that “while architecture has some of the normative fields of study seen at liberal arts schools, it is still fundamentally a studio practice model. Adding, that the social engagement that comes with the studio model ‘becomes a cauldron of learning.” This focus on engagement resonates loudly in the design of Emerson Place.

Near the same time as the inauguration, Pratt also held Pratt Legends 2018, an event to honor distinguished individuals and companies in the world of art and design, whose accomplishments and values resonate with those of Pratt Institute. The awards program helps raise scholarships for Pratt students. Our team was fortunate to attend the fantastic event.

We look forward to sharing future updates about Emerson Place and Pratt’s exciting efforts in higher education.

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