October 15, 2021

Crain's Chicago Coolest Offices 2021: Cboe Global Markets HQ Revives Old Post Office

As the Crain’s piece notes, the Old Post Office sat vacant for two decades, but in the largest historical redevelopment in the nation, the building, erected in 1921 and spanning three city blocks, is now a thriving work hub.

Specifically about the Cboe Global Markets HQ, Crain’s shares, “(Cboe’s) headquarters is spread across two adjacent structures with sculptural staircases connecting the spaces and invigorating movement throughout. At each staircase, massive, two-story murals attract attention, while rolling tickers create a sense of buzz. Cboe proudly displays its history with signature pieces, including historic trading jackets, and cables symbolizing the technology and energy that fuel options trading.

“The dynamic spaces inspire us all to be more creative, collaborative and innovative in everything we do,” said Marc Magrini, vice president at Cboe.

Throughout the space, work settings offer incredible choice for staff, ranging from formal to informal, technologically immersive to thoughtful and quiet. Within the voluminous work area, glass pavilions house meeting spaces and offices to give scale to the space while uplit dynamic wood sculptural elements reflect movement and warmth. In the original landmarked mezzanine, settings range with everything from a reclusive lounge, private dining to cantilevered glass meeting rooms.

Mark Hirons, Design Principal for the project shared in an article on the space with Interior Design, “The context of the old post office served as a rich canvas to tell the future of Cboe’s story with a unique and authentic Chicago icon. This is a memorable environment with Instagram moments, but it also reflects their culture and tells their story in a way that feels fresh and engaging.”