Our New York City team has numerous projects that recently celebrated or are approaching design milestones.  Via brief recaps of each project below, here’s a look at our team’s recent work.

Opening Soon: Pratt Institute Emerson Place
Emerson Place, Pratt Institute’s newest residential hall, is set to open in Brooklyn this fall. The building will be a hub for student interaction, socialization, creativity and learning thanks to a dynamic design that infuses collaboration space, maker spaces and studio resources. Emerson Place’s residential floors are comprised of 14 rooms for students, with shared bathrooms distributed throughout and central lounges.

Award Worthy: Northwell Health Huntington Hospital ED
We’re thrilled to share Northwell Health’s Huntington Hospital Emergency Department has earned a merit award from the Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) New York Chapter. The award-winning project significantly increases emergency department treatment capacity while improving efficiency and patient outcomes.

Doors Open: Showtime West Hollywood HQ
Our team designed Showtime’s new West Coast HQ that recently opened in the Hollywood Hills across the country. As one of the leading entertainment companies of our time, Showtime has created an innovate 50,000 sf workplace equipped with interactive meeting areas, a central social hub café, leading-edge technology, individual and team work spaces, and a state-of-the-art screening room to fuel their creative culture.

On The Boards: YMCA Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway camps are vital assets to children where they can forge new friendships, become more independent and learn life-long skills. We’ve designed two new such camps for the YMCA of Greater New York. Given these camps will serve underserved populations and have limited budgets, we wanted to improve their cabin design and work to reduce construction costs as much as possible. We are working with the YMCA to secure funding for their creation.

Opening This Fall: Phase One if New York University Bobst Library Special Collections Renovation
Located on two floors within the existing Bobst Library, this renovation effort is carefully planned to bring the institutional community closer to research activities without diminishing security and care of the collections. The collection contains rare English and American literature, materials related to the labor and progressive social movements, a collection dedicated to New York City’s downtown art, performance and film scene, and the collected institutional history of NYU itself. This project aims to create a space which enhances this work and is a reflection of the unique – even radical – nature of the NYU special collections.


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