March 21, 2021

Ocean Charter School’s New K-8 Campus Reaches Completion in LA

We’re proud to share Ocean Charter School, the only tuition-free Waldorf charter school in the Los Angeles area and the largest of its kind in the country, has completed its new K-8 campus. The campus introduces state-of-the-art learning spaces housed in a 57,000-SF building designed to spark curiosity and imagination.

Fundamental to the curriculum at Ocean Charter School is the Waldorf philosophy of whole child learning, which is centered on academic achievement, with special emphasis on teaching ecological and social responsibility, nurturing a sense of wonder with respect for nature and humanity, and fostering creativity. The goal is to graduate students who will positively shape society rather than merely reflect it.

Ocean Charter School K-8 Architecture

Our design process ensured the uniqueness of this educational program was supported in the new teaching and learning environment. We partnered with school administrators, educators and parents to ensure the overall campus design—including the configuration of outdoor areas, the design of classrooms and programmed spaces, and the building materials and finishes—became a spatial manifestation of the Waldorf philosophy. Thoughtful consideration was given to both the daily academic and social aspects of the school, as well as the need for occasional community events, so that spaces are fully tailored to the specialized needs of the Waldorf curriculum while maintaining flexibility and adaptability.

Ocean Charter School k-8 Architecture

In addition to introducing a new two-story classroom building, the campus includes a gymnasium with a two-sided stage, an administration building and underground parking. Open space and stimulating playground equipment sit at the heart of the campus, inviting children to play freely in a world of their own imagining.

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