UC San Diego Health recently partnered with CannonDesign to expand their services north of the city with the opening of a new comprehensive health clinic in Encinitas, California.

The facility will act as a one-stop shop for community members seeking a variety of healthcare needs, from primary care for all ages, sports physicals, and even treatment for an off-hour ankle sprain, with a seven-days-a-week clinic schedule.

A new flow of service was developed especially by UC San Diego Health Systems, called the “Onstage-Offstage Delivery System.” Onstage-Offstage Delivery has a public corridor and a private corridor, each side lined with exam rooms. Staff work areas are exclusive to providers and support staff, giving nurses and doctors doing their charting and other behind-the-scenes work more privacy away from the public view.

Benefits of the new approach, the “Golden Triangle,” also give patients more access to their care process.  For example, 40-inch monitors in exam rooms let a patient interact with their provider in real time as a doctor or nurse takes notes and work jointly to create a treatment plan.

In an on-going partnership with UC San Diego Health and CannonDesign, a “Clinical Guideline” for the waiting rooms was created for UC San Diego’s outpatient facilities and was implemented on this clinic. It will be carried over to four other similar facilities currently in design and construction phases by CannonDesign.

One unique feature is a covered patio, which gives patients and staff easy access to daylight and nature, takes advantage of the temperate climate and is an unusual respite space in an outpatient setting.  Additionally, the wood exterior, a building redesign inspired by Cannon designer, invokes Encinitas coastal city aesthetic, and artwork by a local photographer depicts life around Encinitas capturing the regional culture. Housed in a building whose former lives include a bank vault and a restaurant, this free-standing 5,067 sf clinic provides the community access to UC San Diego Health’s academic medicine expertise and services.

Designer and Project Coordinator Jayena Young notes that UCSD wanted to be woven into the local community as much as possible and be open and accessible to patients from newborns to seniors.

“From the working parent to the caregiver, we all lead busy lives. UC San Diego Health is dedicated to caring for our community and meeting our patients where they are instead of asking them to travel a long distance for exceptional care,” said Patty Maysent, CEO of UC San Diego Health.