brian skripacBrian Skripac will be the lead speaker at the Autodesk Montreal Connected BIM event in September where he’ll share strategies on how owners can leverage Building Information Modeling (BIM) to strengthen their projects and business. The theme for the event is Connected BIM (BIM plus the power of the cloud) and will cover numerous related topics. Brian will explore what owners are looking for with BIM and how leveraging a virtual design and construction project delivery strategy can provide quality BIM deliverables that can positively impact their total cost of ownership and operations. In addition, Brian will share a case study of how this was achieved at The Ohio State University. 

CannonDesign’s Director of Virtual Design and Construction, Brian Skripac is internationally renowned for his BIM expertise. He has successfully developed and managed BIM-enabled delivery systems of all sizes and scale and is an advisory group member and past-chair of the AIA National Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community and serves on the BIMForum committee responsible for authoring the LOD specification. Brian focuses on the use of BIM to capture and structure relevant facility data, implementing the value BIM brings to facility owners from an interoperable lifecycle management strategy.

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