Event Date(s): October 30, 2020

Brad Lukanic to Speak About “The Decade Ahead for Design”

CEO Brad Lukanic, AIA, LEED AP will speak at the 2020 Sarasota Design Conference, hosted by AIA Florida Gulf Coast Chapter, on Friday, October 30.

Brad’s session will focus on the decade ahead for design, and the role we want in shaping human experience:

“Think ahead 10 years: What role do you think experiential design will have on consumers connected to the design profession? Or the elevation of customizable and personal experiences built around individual behaviors and preferences? What about 5G technology and its ability to create and transmit massive amounts of new content while we’re in constant motion and engaging – in real-time – within the built environment? What other major disrupter will communities and the world face?

Brad will talk about our engagement impact within the built world, how it will not only be defined by what we see and feel, but with tailored experiences and information. Where and how far will the built and virtual environments become more integrated and seamless?”

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