Event Date(s): November 12, 2020 - November 12, 2020

Brandon Dekker and Matt Greiner Host Workshop for Community College Facility Coalition

Our Brandon Dekker and Matt Greiner will join a workshop focused on “Navigating Facilities Planning Opportunities Despite Unsuccessful Bond Propositions,” as part of the Community College Facility Coalition (CCFC) Annual Conference on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 10:45 PT.

The CCFC is a California statewide coalition comprised of community college districts, facility planners, architects, developers, financial institutions, attorneys and consultants. The diversity of membership enhances CCFC’s effectiveness in advancing innovation and key community college facility issues. The group focuses on education, resources and networking to advance facilities across the state.

Brandon and Matthew will be joined by Hussain Agah, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Planning and Development for Riverside Community College District, and Bobby Khusal of Alma Strategies for the workshop. Here is the full abstract for their session:

Navigating Facilities Planning Opportunities Despite Unsuccessful Bond Propositions

Amid the current economic impacts of COVID-19 and the recent unsuccessful bond passages of March 2020, many districts and colleges are left trying to make sense of how they are going to fulfill the demands placed on them with limited funding for facilities.

This workshop takes a deeper dive into creative planning solutions given the current crisis and looks at ways to leverage existing facilities to creatively achieve student engagement and capacity in the midst of what could be an influx of students returning to school for additional vocational and technical training given current unemployment conditions. The session also explores ways to navigate the planning process in an effort to leverage space utilization strategies to achieve state matching funding opportunities in light of limited local bond funding.

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