Our Brian Skripac will present, “So You Want a BIM Model But What Does That Really Mean?” on Nov. 16 at the 2018 COAA FAll Owners Leadership Conference in La Jolla, CA. Below is a full abstract for Brian’s presentation:

BIM, in and of itself, is not the end but rather the means to a number of valuable project delivery outcomes for an Owner. Now more than ever, Owners are becoming more focused on leveraging BIM to deliver their projects but when asking for a BIM model, is there a deeper understanding of what that really means? This session will break down some of the common miscues made when asking for a BIM Model around topics such as LOD, COBie, RFP/RFQ, contracts, project delivery and turnover documents. Ultimately, this session will enable Owners to better understand how to accurately define a level of reliability for the downstream users of the project’s multi-disciplinary BIM deliverables allowing for the value of these models to extend into the operations phase of the design-construct-operate continuum.

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