cj blossom parkCannonDesign is set to host a Fast Track session during the Fast Company Innovation Festival on Oct. 26 in New York City. The session titled, “The Need for a Third Place: Creating Wellness Spaces of the Future” will be an interactive opportunity for attendees to rethink what wellness means for the built environment across hospitals, schools, workplaces and cities. After a kickoff, several CannonDesign team members lead breakout groups in an exciting discovery session. Below is the full abstract for the event.

The Need for a Third Place: Creating the Wellness Spaces of the Future with CannonDesign
There are spaces for work and spaces for play. But CannonDesign has an important question: What does it mean to intentionally create spaces for wellness? Join the global design firm at Studio-Tag’s inspirational Midtown showroom for an exploration of what it calls “third places” – destinations dedicated to wellness built on corporate, academic, and health-focused campuses worldwide. Attendees will collaborate with designers to imagine ideas for future spaces that will redefine the way we approach self-care.

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