CannonDesign will host a Fast Track as part of the 2018 Fast Company Innovation Festival this October in New York City. The session will build on the publication’s Provocation series – which seeks new ideas to make products, experiences and spaces better. Earlier this year, Fast Company profiled Sona – our conceptual mobile lactation pod for working mothers – as part of Provocation. The event is available to all those who register for the Innovation Festival. Below is the full abstract and information for our Fast Track

Let’s Design Everything Better: Ideating Superior Spaces and Products with CannonDesign

Everything in the world has room for design improvement. But our busy lives and historical expectations often prevent us from investing the creative energy necessary to develop bold solutions to current challenges. In this highly interactive session with CannonDesign, attendees will engage in intense creative collaboration to rethink everything from furniture and buildings, to products and experiences. After a brief conversation about design thinking and exploration, you’ll be put in groups to solve real-world design problems that could range from health (how can the workday experience be more active?) to sustainability (how can biophilia best improve the built environment?) even how new technology-rich furniture could fuel learning in classrooms.

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