CanonDesign’s Lynne Deninger and Carisima Koenig will participate in a panel discussion at this year’s ACUHO-I Conference & Expo along with Timothy Trevan, Executive Director, Student Housing of the University of California, Irving, and Naomi Carton, Associate Dean of Residential Life and Dining at MIT. The panel will focus on how designers and institutions alike can best cater to the housing needs of the next generation of students.

Carisima Koenig, AIA, LEED AP

Lynne Deninger, AIA, LEED AP

The panel draws inspiration from Dr. Jean Twenge, who refers to these students as “iGen;” those that have grown up with access to smartphones, social media and the internet, differing them from any generation prior. Presenters will examine statistical characteristics of iGen students, their impact on recruitment priorities (especially as they relate to housing) and how to incorporate design approaches that meet their residential life expectations.

The panel will take place on Tues., July 10 at 1:30 p.m. in room MT504. More details on the conference and registration information can be found here for reference.