CannonDesign technology leaders are delivering multiple presentations as part of NVIDIA’s 2019 GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley. The GPU conference is one of the premier AI conferences in the world, providing training, insights, and direct connectivity between the leaders in computing.

Those interested can learn more about the conference online. Below are the sessions our team is presenting

How is NIVIDIA Holodeck Changing the Architectural Design Process
March 19, 10 a.m.
Presenters: Hilda Espinal, Ernesto Pacheco and Andrew Schilling

Learn how CannonDesign is using NVIDIA Holodeck to enhance its design process and break geographical boundaries through true multi-user, interactive VR sessions. We’ll discuss how CannonDesign’s strong collaboration with NVIDIA helped inform development of Holodeck as a tool that evolved from automotive design to architecture, engineering, and construction, and how it’s changing the way designers and clients collaborate and explore spaces. We will also cover our initial challenges to adopting this technology and our current workflow, and explore internal case studies, testimonials, and production cases. This session is geared to those with basic understanding of VR workflows, as well as to experienced users who want know more about collaborative tools for VR.

How is RTX Technology Revolutionizing the Way CannonDesign Approaches Visualization
March 20, 1 PM
Presenters: Ernesto Pacheco and Hilda Espinal

Learn how CannonDesign has incorporated NVIDIA’s RTX technology into their visualization workflows. During this presentation, we will discuss how CannonDesign is leveraging the power of the new Quadro RTX video cards to optimize rendering times using VRay Next and Unreal Engine. We will share our evolutionary path to better rendering solutions, initial challenges with RTX and current workflow through case studies. This session will be of interest to attendees with basic understanding of visualization workflows.

How GPU-Accelerated Virtual Workstations Enable Mobility and Collaboration for Autodesk Applications
March 20, 4 p.m.
Presenters: Andrew Schilling and co-presenters

To meet the needs of today’s distributed teams, many AEC firms are turning to virtualization to efficiently and securely run applications such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and Sketchup. Learn how this panel of AEC experts takes advantage of the latest innovations of NVIDIA vGPU technology to exponentially speed rendering time, enable greater mobility, optimize resource consumption, reduce maintenance and management work, and increase productivity.