Event Date(s): October 20, 2021

CannonDesign’s Eric Freed speaking at AIA Event on Public Architecture in the Age of Climate Crisis

We’re excited to have Eric Corey Freed, our Director of Sustainability, join Erin Brukman, Sr. Green Building Coordinator at SF Environment for an invigorating discussion on public design amidst our climate crisis.

In this free discussion, the two will discuss how to design, build, and occupy buildings to balance the carbon budget. Participants will learn more on how the construction process can be more eco-friendly and help curb climate action.

While we have the ability to design carbon neutral and even carbon positive buildings, we have miles to go to put these possibilities into widespread action.

Event participants will also understand thoroughly how materials and construction processes lead to an increase in carbon. They’ll learn how cities are setting new guidelines that help control and ultimately eliminate the amount of carbon released during major construction projects.

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