Event Date(s): February 3, 2020 - February 4, 2020
Presenters: Brad Lukanic, AIA

CEO Brad Lukanic to Present at Advancing Prefabrication Conference

CEO Brad Lukanic, AIA, LEED AP will present in two sessions at the upcoming Advancing Prefabrication Conference in Dallas, TX, on Feb. 3 and 4. Advancing Prefabrication is “North America’s leading thought leadership conference dedicated to revolutionizing off-site and industrialized manufacturing approaches across the construction industry.” Attendees meet with various stakeholders to “improve labor productivity, safety, and consolidate schedules through prefabrication and modularization as we explore optimizing the entire process from project conception through installation.”

Brad’s first session, “Taking Lessons Learned from Other Industries to Improve Your Production Strategy,” takes place on Mon., Feb. 3 at 12:30 p.m. In it, Brad will talk about ways to identify similar markets that can provide valuable lessons for companies, and how best practices can be better understood. He’ll underline the key principles and ideologies that can be harnessed to educate organizations and inform a new business model: What are we doing to transform the practice in the next five years? The discussion will wrap up with how lessons learned are improving our future strategy for the modular group and how this may apply to different organizations.

On Tues., Feb. 4 at 10:30 a.m., Brad will join a panel, “Developing a More Efficient & Collaborative Design Workflow for Offsite Construction,” that includes Maria Laguarda-Mallo, Project Manager, VIATechnik LLC; David Scofield, Visual Design & Construction Specialist, Questec Mechanical; and Craig Webber, Principal, Group2 Architecture. The discussion will be about defining “best value” and the goals for the design process when incorporating modular or prefabrication, while evaluating traditional workflows and design documentation to identify key challenges and elements that can still be used when designing for offsite construction. Panelists will talk about creating a collaborative, transparent culture where all parties play an active, valuable role in the design process. And how documentation can be restructured and better shared between design and construction teams to support a new workflow while ensuring architects take an active role in coordinating and ensuring integrity of the design according to client specifications.

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