Our Charles Smith and Tim Swanson will present an interactive session at the 2017 Indy Day of Innovation titled, “Leveraging Design to Push Boundaries and Drive Innovation,” Thursday, Oct. 12 at 1:30 p.m. at Butler University. The conference is presented by Centric, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that connects, educates, and celebrates bold thinkers in an effort to improve the success rate of breakthrough ideas in Indiana and position the state as a global center for innovation.

Charles and Tim’s interactive presentation will look at how the clear edges that once defined how, where and when people learned, worked and enjoyed free time have eroded thanks to generational shifts and dynamic changes in technology and culture. This erosion creates exciting opportunities for institutions and businesses alike to rethink how they intersect to empower people, accelerate discovery and develop novel ideas and products. Their presentation will highlight projects from multiple sectors (health, education, workplace) thriving in this new reality. Through interactive activities, the presentation will creatively push attendees to take new perspectives, appreciate new realities and understand how design can empower bold new futures.

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