ChrisLambertCannonDesign’s Chris Lambert, Vice President and Workplace Strategy Leader, will speak at The Rooftops Conference Chicago 2017 on Friday, Feb. 10. Chris will be a panelist for a discussion on, “Where You Sit: Workplace Planning and Design.” The full abstract for the discussion reads:

From traditional offices, to open plan workspaces, to telecommuting, the ways and habits by which we connect and conduct our work drives every aspect of how space supports mission for not-for-profit organizations. Whether you own, lease, or share space, thoughtful planning and interior design can make a difference far beyond an order for walls and seats. Our panel will explore how the design process and recent trends can inform existing and new space commitments, limit costs, express mission and brand, and promote effective and healthy workplaces for employees and guests.

The panel discussion start at Noon CT. Attendance is free and those interested in joining can register online. The Rooftops Conference is an annual event focused on the role of real estate – owned, leased, or hosted physical space – in the operations, financial performance, and achievement of mission by not-for-profit organizations of all sizes and mission types.

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