Our own Diane Osan will present alongside other industry experts at the 5th Annual Equity by Design (EQxD) Symposium on Nov. 3 at 2:10 p.m. The session, titled “Tactical Implementation at the Firm Level,” is part of the breakout sessions within the Values track. Read the full description below:

This session will be about workplace culture and its alignment with firm values. The focus will be on articulating firm values and walking the talk. We’re particularly interested this year in how firms can strengthen the individual’s relationship to the firm by acting on stated values and ensuring individual employees feel like they share core values and are supported and treated fairly. The session will be process oriented, focused on helping firm leaders develop a customized action plan for implementing equitable practices that are authentic to their particular values and workplace culture. What is workplace culture? What are organizational values?

The EQxD Symposium is EQxD’s most anticipated gathering of committed champions and change agents to advance the movement for equitable practice and the future of architecture. EQxD is a call to action to realize the goal of equitable practice for everyone, advance the profession and communicate the value of architecture to society. Their mission is to understand the pinch points of career progression and promote the strategic execution of best practices in the recruitment, retention, and promotion of our profession’s best talent at every level of architectural practice. CannonDesign is a proud sponsor of EQxD’s initiatives.

Visit the official symposium website to register for the event.