CannonDesign will be well represented at the 2015 AIA National Convention May 14-16 in Atlanta with several team members presenting on different sustainable design topics.

The AIA Convention is one of the largest events in the world that brings architects and designers together to discuss key trends, challenges and opportunities impacting the profession.

Rand Ekman, AIA, LEED Fellow, and 2015 Chair of the AIA Committee on the Environment Advisory Group will take part in three sessions throughout the conference including:

  • EPA Target Finder, Portfolio Manager, and DoE AIA Design Data Exchange Tools – A session focused on helping firms understand how to collect and quantify data, reduce energy usage and lessen carbon emissions.
  • 2014 COTE Top Ten Review – Rand will moderate this session focused on recognizing and highlighting the 2014 COTE Top Ten award winners and sharing lessons learned and valuable info on the latest sustainable design principles.
  • Getting to 2030: Institutionalizing Sustainability in Culture, Systems and Processes – This learning session will highlight ways firms can better pursue the AIA 2030 commitment as they base designs on cultural change, clear methodologies, integrated design and efficient analysis to achieve continuous improvement.

Marion Lawson will team with Erin McDade or Architecture 2030 to present, Putting EPDs into Practice: The EPD Summary which will look at how understanding environmental product declaration (EPDs) and making informed material selections can improve the overall quality of design efforts.

Marya Graff will take part in 2030 Commitment Barriers and Successes, a group session which will bring together perspectives from small firms, large-multi-office firms and clients to discuss how the 2030 Commitment has impacted their organizations.