Event Date(s): March 13, 2020

Eric Corey Freed Presents at Passive House Northwest

You’ll find our sustainability director Eric Corey Freed at this year’s Passive House Northwest Conference in Seattle this March.

Eric will present, “Wisdumb: How Mindless Mindsets are Sabotaging Your Business” Friday, March 13 at 1:45 p.m. The session will highlight how the “level of conformity in any organization is in inverse proportion to its creative ability. The success of any design firm depends on its ability to provide bold, creative solutions and ideas. But what if the conventional wisdom you’ve been following is actually blocking your pathways to innovation? We call it: Wisdumb™.”

The Passive House Northwest conference is held by a group of Certified Passive House Consultants and other individuals and organizations whose goal is to promote highly energy efficient construction through implementation of the passive house concept. The team is focused on the long-term projection of the environment and climate; the promotion of sustainability, quality and durability in building construction; the creation of a built environment that is healthy for its inhabitants; and the advancement of energy independence and the reduction of operating cots for building occupants and owners.

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