Ernesto Pacheco to Speak at Unreal Engine AEC Summit

Our Director of Visualization Ernesto Pacheco is set to speak at Unreal Engine’s VAMRR AEC Summit on Thursday, July 29.

Ernesto will share how our teams leverage immersive technologies to enhance the design process and break down geographical boundaries through true multi-user, interactive virtual and augmented reality sessions. Those interested in the event can sign up online.

Attendees can expect to learn all of the below from Ernesto’s presentation:

  • How the “New Normal” of design leverages immersive technologies for remote collaboration.
  • Reality capture’s role in expediting surveying processes and empowering more flexible solutions to the documentation of existing conditions.
  • Why multi-user VR is now a go-to tool for review sessions and virtual design presentations
  • How the gamification of design helps us better convey design intent through interactive real-time experiences
  • What interoperability in Omniverse’s impact on collaborative design will be moving forward

As our Director of Visualization, Ernesto helps our design teams and clients visualize their work with the leading-edge technology of our time. From virtual reality models, to augmented reality collaboration, gamification and more, Ernesto virtually brings design solutions to life before they’re built—leading to remarkable design experiences, better outcomes and innovation.

The Unreal Engine Summit is dedicated to sharing best practices and the latest developments in design, visualization, data management and collaboration in the AEC space. Hundreds of visionary professionals from across the AEC industry are expected to attend.